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Midwest Electric Railway

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      When at Old Threshers be sure to take a ride on one of the 
   trolleys. The Trolley Depot is just west of the Carousel building at 
   the south end of the Reunion grounds. It's the easiest way to get to 
   the Log Village and gives you a good tour of the main camp grounds. 
   Click on the map at the upper left to see the counter clockwise 
   trolley route.

Trolley Barn
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Trolley Barn

Streetcar #9
Streetcar #1779
Streetcar #1718
Streetcar #1945
Streetcar #381
Street Car #9
Street Car #1779
Street Car #1718
Street Car #1945
Street Car #381

Streetcar #320
Street Car #320

Trolley Depot

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