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   Here are some of the ways to get around while at the reunion
without doing so much walking.  See the map on the left to view
locations and routes.

     Take a train ride.  The train stops at the Midwest Central 
Roundhouse (by exhibit Hall B) and the Midwest Central Depot 
(in Snipe Run). You never know when there might be a train 

     Ride a Trolley around the camp grounds.  This is a good way 
to save some walking and take a nice ride at the same time.  Be 
sure to stop at the log village at the south end of the camp 
grounds.  The trolley depot is located east of the Carousel

     The groundtrain is a good way to get around at the reunion.
It makes frequent stops as it circles the grounds.

     The shuttle bus is a free ride to down town Mt. Pleasent.
There is a large flea market in the town square.

     You can rent electric scooters (mobility carts), manual
wheel chairs, commercial strollers and wagons.  There are two 
rental locations, one at each end of the reunion grounds.

     There are also groundtrains to help you get around the 
camp grounds.  Some go around the main camp grounds and others
go just to the south 40. 

active mobility rentals
active mobility rentals
take a train ride
take a bus downtown
ride the trolley
camp grounds shuttle
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