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Printers Hall

        To prevent the art of running a newspaper or print shop from years past from 
    being lost forever the Midwest Old Threshers is in the process of setting up a  
    Printer's Hall in exhibit hall B. Go to the bottom of the page for more 
    information on the project.

Printers Hall Area

old print shop North Village

Steam Roller Printing

        New for 2017 was a demonstration of steam roller printing.  Printing was never traditionly
  done like this.  Many hours were spent carving the pictures used in this demonstration.  Stop in at the 
  Printers Hall for the times next year.


2019 pictures

2018 pictures

2017 pictures

Babcock Reliance

Miehle Printing Press

Miehle "Pony" flatbed press

Wesel Proof Press

Reliance Press

Washington Press

Lightning Jobber

Original Heidelberg

Old Style Gordon


Three-Beam Pen Ruling Machine

Seybold Gutter


video clip 3.9 meg
video clip 2.6 meg
video clip 4.3 meg
video clip 4.4 meg
video clip 4.0 meg

                     The main exhibit will be gas or steam powered
                 equipment from the 1920's.  It will also cover  printers
                 from the 1800's right on up to the present.

                     There are still people experienced in operating this
                 equipment.  They will be able to pass these skills on to
                 younger generations so the art will not be lost.

                     If you are interested in supporting this project with 
                 financial gifts or donations of printing equipment please 
                 contact Midwest Old Threshers.

                                 Midwest Old Threshers
	                         405 East Threshers Road
	                         Mt. Pleasent, Iowa 52641
	                         Phone 319-385-8937
                 or visit the Old Threshers web site
                                 Founders Committee
	                         Wray Sloan
	                         John C. Deason
	                         Steve Alt
	                         Rick VonHoldt
	                         Jim daggs
	                         C. H. Wendel