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      The Old Threshers Foundation provides funding for
   Midwest Old Threshers and supports its mission of
   Preserving Our Agricultural Heritage in a Modern World

Your Contributions Equal Progress

The Old Threshers Foundation continues to enable Midwest Old Threshers to grow and thrive. As generous, dedicated donors your gifts have enabled the Old Threshers Foundation to support a variety of capital improvements projects.

Old Threshers Foundation Donor Levels Presidents Circle Benefactor $10,000 or Greater $5,000 or Greater Patron Sponsor $1,000 or greater $500 or greater

    To learn how you can contribute and be part of
the Old Threshers historic mission contact the Old 
Threshers office at.

               405 E. Threshers Road
               Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641
               Phone (319)385-8937     
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