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Stationary Diesel

            Exhibit Hall A is the home of these large diesel engines.The Page engine 
        was used to power a house sized Drag Line. The Fairbanks-Morse engine 
	was used to generate electricity. The engines are started at posted times 
	during the days of the Reunion.

Page Diesel

1925 110 H.P. at 250 rpm

2 cyl. 4 cycle, 13" bore 20" stroke, 32,000 lbs

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Fairbanks-Morse Diesel

2 cyl. 2cycle, 120 HP at 275 rpm

electric generator

            In 2023 the wrist pin on one of the pistons needed replacement.  
        Because of the length of the piston and rod assembly part of the roof of 
		Hall A needed to be removed.

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