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Walter Gladbach

David Berry

                                   I'm always amazed at all the scale model equipment that
                              there is to see at the reunion.  David has a number of nice 
                              engines witch range from 1/4 to 1/2 scale.  David is set up with 
                              the small gas engines near the North Village	
1/5 Scale 6 H.P.
Root & Van Dervoort 6 H.P. 1/5 scale
Domestic Stove pipe 1/4 scale
Gode 1/4 scale
Galloway 5 H.P. 1/4 scale
Root & Van Dervoort 1 H.P. 1/2 scale
1/2 scale international tomb thumb
Domestic Mud Pump


video clip 3.6 meg.