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Free Buttons

     I am working on making up some buttons to give to people that 
show stuff at the reunion.  If you bring something to the reunion or help
with some of Old Threshers stuff (stationary steam, traction engines or 
what ever)and I have a picture on my website that you would like made into
a button.  Send me an E-mail with the pictures lable like "gas/gas-08-12" 
and I will see what I can do.  Anything I make up I will bring with me 
to next years reunion.  If you need more then two please say so. I hope to 
see you at the reunion.

     The two buttons above are examples of what they will look like.  They 
are 2 1/4 inch buttons about the same size as the buttons Old Threshers has.

Stuart (stubert)