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	  The Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers
  Association began in 1950 in Mt. Pleasant,
  Iowa, with a gathering of 15 steam engines
  and eight separators.  After 50 years, the
  annual Old Threshers Reunion, held five days
  ending Labor Day, is an established 
  celebration of our rich agricultural
  heritage that attracts visitors from across
  North America.
      Midwest Old Threshers provides the 
  traveling public with a variety of enjoyable
  experiences for the entire family.  
  Attractions range from operating steam 
  engines and agricultural exhibits to 
  interpretive historical exhibits, educational
  programs, demonstrations and tours, a
  facility capable of hosting bus tours and 
  camping rallies from mid-spring to mid fall,
  and the unique Theatre Museum, containing
  memorabilia of early theatre.
      Midwest Old Threshers and Mt. Pleasant
  are situated in picturesque southeast Iowa
  and are located 50 miles south of Iowa City
  and Interstate 80 at the intersection of U.S.
  Highways 218 and 34.
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